Shambala Music Festival

I refreshed the old Shambala logo by giving it some movement and retracing it for vector use. I kept it very true to the original. Below are some Illustrations I did for the 2016 festival. They appeared on maps and fliers and are made from finger prints.

I also designed the logo for their Shambala Express, festival coach service.

Bristol Food Connections 2016/17


Illustrations for Bristol Food Connections annual food festival, the biggest food festival in the South West, with sponsorship and support from the BBC, Great Western Railway and Riverford Organics. Design by the brilliant Doc&Tee.

I also Illustrated a few famous Bristol landmarks to be used on the BFC official map.

I also produced Illustrations for the 2014 Food Connections in a slightly different style…

Energy Revolution

I worked in collaboration with Energy Revolution to make this animated short to spread awareness of their groundbreaking new charity concept. It crowd sources donations and invests in clean energy  to tackle climate change and create a sustainable future for everyone.

My Life In CIA

Locus Solus — International Travel Counsel invites you to take a walking tour of Paris. Highly trained guides; limited places; dates by appointment throughout May and June 1973. Come prepared for rain, high society and possible espionage. Dress accordingly. Sunglasses will be provided.

I designed promotional materials and video for this groundbreaking, immersive theater piece by Give It A Name.

We also made it onto the front of Chapter magazine, which is always nice.


“This is fun. The points at which this collides with the theatre of real life are terrific & the use of public space is clever.”

The Guardian ★★★

A piece of video I made that was projected during the show.